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The International Psychotherapy Clinic
of the FPI

The Psychotherapy Clinic of the Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute (FPI) is a non-profit out-patient psychotherapy clinic that provides psychoanalytically based consultation, assessment, diagnosis and referral assistance to individuals living within the greater Rhine-Main Region. Founded in 1995, the Clinic is fully recognized by the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hessen.

The Clinic can help with a wide range of personal and emotional problems. When treatment is indicated, clients are referred to the most suited clinician, e.g. psychoanalyst, marital therapist, group therapist, family therapist, behavioural therapist etc.

All persons providing clinical services are members or candidates of the Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute and are highly qualified psychiatrists and psychologists with extensive background and experience in the assessment and provision of psychological services to individuals and groups.

Because members of the large international community in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main Region often need qualified mental health providers who can work in languages other than German, the Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute maintains an international unit within the Psychotherapy Clinic. The Clinic provides diagnosis, assessment and treatment recommendations in the client's mother tongue (or a preferred second language when a therapist cannot be located who speaks the mother tongue) and assists in locating further needed help in the patient's first or second language. Cultural differences that may add to the psychological problems of an individual are also taken into account.

Currently the FPI International Clinic has over 20 psychologists and psychiatrists who can provide psychological assessment and/or treatment in 7 foreign languages (English, Farssi, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish). In addition, we have located a variety of qualified psychotherapists who are able to provide clinical services in Croatian, Danish, French, Norwegian, Swedish and other languages. Unfortunately we cannot take in at the moment any new English speaking patients. Our capacities have been exhausted.

Payment for the services provided by the FPI Clinic is through the individual's health insurance. The FPI Clinic has relationships with all recognized German Health Insurance carriers (Krankenkassen). Individuals with German health insurance who are seen in the FPI Clinic are assured of coverage. Individuals insured by non-German carriers (e.g. BUPA from the UK; CHAMPUS or Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna etc from the US) must file their own claims, but the FPI Clinic will assist. It is anticipated that foreign insurance carriers will reimburse the individual for services provided by the FPI Clinic (up to the limitations of the carriers' coverage).

The Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute Psychotherapy Clinic sees over 500 patients a year for evaluation and referral.

Psychotherapeutisches Angebot für Geflüchtete

Im Rahmen der International Clinic stellt die Ambulanz des Frankfurter Psychoanalytischen Instituts (FPI) therapeutische Angebote für Geflüchtete bereit.

Laden Sie hier den Flyer mit genaueren Informationen herunter.

Das FPI ist Mitglied des Psychosozialen Verbundes Rhein-Main, einer Arbeitsgemeinschaft, die, finanziert vom Land Hessen, sich zusammen mit anderen Organisationen um die psychosoziale Versorgung von Geflüchteten im Rhein-Main-Gebiet kümmert.

Ansprechpartner für dieses Projekt am FPI sind:
Željko Čunović
Rosalba Maccarrone Erhardt
Erwin Sturm
Nadine Teuber

Further information is available upon request:
Dipl.-Psych. Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Sturm
(Director, International Psychotherapy Clinic)
Telephone: +49-69-174629
E-mail: geschaeftsstelle (at)